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Don’t underestimate the value of group meetings and events

meeting“Why should I spend money and time on meetings and travel?” It’s not uncommon to hear the question tossed around. People started tightening their economic belts and were looking into any and every way to cut costs, limit spending and increase efficiency. The problem with the strategy was many businesses blindly cutting spending without looking into the potential ramifications, which frequently led to more financial hardship.

According to an Oxford Economics study, “Detailed statistical modeling over 18 years and 14 industries indicates that for every dollar invested in business travel, U.S. companies have experienced a $9.50 return in terms of revenue.”

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Time is Money

It’s certainly a cliché, and it is often talked about ad nauseam, but time is the most valuable resource there is. Whether you’re a professional planner who has 100 events on your plate or you’re an executive assistant charged with planning a single event, time spent organizing the fine details of an event is time not spent doing the myriad other tasks you are charged with.

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The Pitfalls of Using Google.


There’s no question the Internet puts a tremendous amount of things at our fingertips. A simple search query can yield a whole host of things; from an outstanding recipe for bunt cake, to the 3rd president’s pets — a mockingbird and two bear cubs gifted by Lewis and Clark — to a list of flights from Reno to Oklahoma City on the 15th of August, there’s a lot out there.

But when it comes time to plan a meeting or event, and you can’t afford mediocre results, getting planning insight from Google is far more difficult than searching for who gave Thomas Jefferson those adorable yet emergently deadly baby grizzlies. How does one navigate the murky waters of Internet search results without getting trolled while trolling for some reliable information? Unfortunately, Google does not index the wealth of knowledge contained inside experienced meeting planners’ heads. The reality is search engines alone will never deliver you the results you require when planning a high-touch meeting or event, but you should know when and how they can be most helpful.

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