Savvy Planning Tips – Cutting costs without losing that high-touch feel — Break Tradition

ballgameWithout a doubt it’s important to seek value when planning an event. This doesn’t mean you can cut corners, but it’s about making your resources go further. This installment of our Savvy Planning Tips gives a couple ideas on how to break with typical event tradition to save some money and offer a refreshing alternative to the norm. We’d love to hear some brilliant insight from you on saving while still splurging on ambiance, so let us know what you think.

1)    Take me out of the ballroom. Rather than focusing your resources on a lavishly designed ballroom, treat your attendees to an alternative experience at a sporting event. Luxury boxes make for a fantastic venue, and the ready-made ambiance and theme will delight your crowd while saving you energy. Many guests will expect standard stadium fare, and with just a few enhancements you will really knock it out of the park, not to mention the camraderie and team building that takes place at such an event will last well beyond game day. Additionally you can often save on F&B costs since stadiums typically offer package pricing.

2)    Avoid the crowds, and avoid high prices. There are massive benefits to be had by booking events for the “off season,” when demand isn’t as high. Hotels and other event venues are often available at extremely discounted rates, enabling you to splurge on all the ancillary features that really make an event pop. Get more value from your investment; build a top-notch event without breaking your budget.

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