Savvy Planning Tips – Cutting costs without losing that high-touch feel — Catering

signature cocktailWithout a doubt it’s important to seek value when planning an event. This doesn’t mean you can cut corners, but it’s about making your resources go further. This instalment of our Savvy Planning Tips is concerned with avoiding frivolous spending on your catering costs without losing a distinctly high-touch feel. We’d love to hear some brilliant insight from you on saving while still splurging on ambiance, so let us know what you think.



1)    Put a bowtie on those appetizers. The warm summer days are upon us, and refreshing pasta salads make for a great, refreshing hors d’oeuvre. It also happens to be a pretty cost effective food item. Try serving this modestly priced, delectable treat from a martini glass to maintain an air of sophistication and elegance without breaking the bank.

2)     Themed libations lend a signature flare. Cut down on extravagant bar tabs by serving a ‘signature drink’ that matches the theme of your event. For example, a tequila-based, southwestern-style cocktail offers a delightful, themed accompaniment to the standard wine and beer selection while avoiding the multiple liquor concoctions that can take your bill to the stratosphere and leave attendees to the floor.

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