Fall Destination Ideas

NZ Wine CountryOh, the offseason. It’s an overlooked time of the year, but only for the uninitiated. The reality is autumn provides both incredible value and a remarkable aesthetic for many places. Why fight high demands and inflated costs for a location that is quite plausibly more pleasant in the fall, which happens to coincide with reduced demand and costs. The summer travel rush may be over, but that just means more opportunity for you.

That said, here are a few of our fall destination tips. Feel free to chime in with any of your own.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Perhaps you’ve heard there are some pretty big things coming to Rio. They’re only two of the biggest international events in the world: The World Cup 2014 and the next Summer Olympics. Visiting before the hustle and bustle associated with these events means you’ll have your pick of venues, activities and accommodations, but you’ll still be able to take advantage of the billions of dollars in infrastructure being invested in Rio. The modernized evolution of Rio’s urban center combined with the iconic sights of Cristo Redentor and Sugarloaf Mountain mean there’s never been a better time to visit.


vegas Bet it all on Vegas.

Las Vegas isn’t a subtle or hidden location by any means, but the fall sees fewer visitors and uniquely low travel and lodging rates, even when compared to what is consistently some of the best pricing for nearly any destination when it comes to getting there and staying there. Sure, the place is designed to make serious money off visitors once they arrive, but if you can stay away from the slot machines and keep from throwing down thousands of dollars on red, you can absolutely have a great experience on a budget. Group lodging rates are exceptional, event spaces are abundant and there are myriad affordable entertainment options apart from the glitz and debauchery that one often associates with Vegas.


newzealandDifferent Hemisphere, Different Season.

Lots of people associate fall with the doom and gloom of winter’s gray skies. Why not head south — way south — and visit New Zealand. The vibrant urban culture and stunning natural beauty of the South Island in the spring provides a striking contrast to winter’s foreboding. Sightsee amongst some of the world’s most magnificent mountains, or indulge your tastebuds in the wine country surrounding Wanaka. Planning a meeting in NZ will provide attendees with an unforgettable springtime alternative to the norm.

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