Hot and Not. Where should you plan your next incentive program?

AussieThere’s a reason the top incentive travel destinations are the top incentive travel destinations. They’re obviously great, or people wouldn’t continue going there. But why keep going to the well when the competition gets more intense every year? Don’t battle for space in destinations that are in serious danger of becoming played out.

Don’t take to mean you should start planning an incentive program in Rock Island, Il, — there’s nothing wrong with you Rock Island, but your 39,018 residents can probably attest it’s not exactly buzzing with activity. The most important thing for people who want to be a part of an incentive program is a destination that inspires them, but it’s not the places you typically think of — Hawaii, Florida, Western Europe — that people really want to go to.

In fact, there’s something to be said for planning an incentive trip that entices a sense of adventure and excitement. One of the best ways to accomplish that is by hosting an event that is off the beaten path — far off the beaten path.

Some of the hottest destinations right now are in the Southern Hemisphere. Maybe people just hate the cold weather and constantly dream of being on the other side of the earth come winter, but Australia, New Zealand and Brazil are all on traveller’s minds these days. If you want to inspire people, those are certainly some places to start. They aren’t close to home, and they certainly aren’t your typical sand and sunscreen locations.

PragueNothing against Paris and London, but traveling to Eastern Europe has its advantages. You can try the better-known options like Prague and Budapest, or you can get adventurous and explore the beautiful coast of Kotor, Montenegro or the vivacious party atmosphere in Odessa, Ukraine.

There are a lot more options available than people are generally looking at. Don’t get caught doing the same old thing; step into something fresh.

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