The Importance of Incentive Programs — Part 1: You are what you hire.

talent2The most important part of any business is the people who are a part of it. The most successful companies consistently recruit the top talent, so it’s no wonder they manage to keep their place at the pinnacle of every industry. Now, there’s no magic bullet when it comes to attracting the best of the best out there, but there are certainly some things you can do to make your company stand out from the rest.

You may be asking if it’s really necessary to bend over backwards for promising new hires. The truth of the matter is that even in a job market where there seems to be a glut of qualified candidates and a dearth of jobs available, it’s difficult to find the exceptional people who have that special something extra, and get them to commit to your company. The cream of the crop will always have their pick of the litter, and unless you continue to bring in fresh, talented, creative and inspirational team members, your business will languish and have a hard time with competitors who continually try to better their standing.

One of the best ways to break through the cacophony of listings vying for the top recruits is to offer innovative and rewarding incentive programs for high-achieving employees and new hires. It’s about far more than just the end product of the event you produce; creative, motivating incentive programs portray a culture that values challenge, accomplishment and enthusiasm. People with great ability and potential are nearly all seeking an environment that will challenge and reward them. The more thought and imagination you put into your incentive programs to make them unique and memorable, the more your company shows how much you truly value the attributes listed earlier.

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No, having great incentive programs to amazing locations alone won’t ensure all the valedictorians and virtuosos end up working for you, but it’ll help set your company apart in cherishing individual and collective success. If you want that top talent, show them you care, and let them know your company will put in the same effort working with them that they will put in working with you.

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