Savvy Planning Tips – Branded Bottles for a Customized, Unique Feel

bottlesWithout a doubt, it’s important to seek value when planning an event. This doesn’t mean you can cut corners, but it’s about making your resources go further. This installment of our Savvy Planning Tips is all about keeping people hydrated, and looking great while doing it.

Use branded water bottles to build an unexpected and welcome identity to your event. It’s commonplace to provide lots of bottled water at your events: in vehicles during transport, waiting in hotel rooms upon arrival and at each place setting during meetings and conferences. It’s mundane, lots of water and plastic bottles are wasted, and the costs can creep up pretty quickly.

A clever and easy way to remedy all those peevish consequences is by providing all your guests with branded water bottles highlighting the main groups and themes for your event. You’ll increase brand awareness, give the event a modern and environmentally friendly appeal, and cut down on wasted resources and spending with one idea. Bonus benefits can be had by adding fun-infused filling stations around your event that provide your guests with a bit of entertainment and drive traffic to the parts of your event that you want to attract the most attention.    

We’d love to know what you think, so let us hear from you in the comments section or on Twitter.

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