Savvy Planning Tips — Get the Word Out

announce2Without a doubt, it’s important to seek value and get the most out of your resources when planning an event. But it’s hard to amplify value and make an impact if people aren’t aware of and excited for your event. This Savvy Planning Tip is about using technology to get the word out so all your hard work pays off when delivering a phenomenal experience.

Planning and producing an exceptional event starts well before you open the doors to attendees and doesn’t end until well after they’ve left. You have to get the word out to build awareness and excitement, no matter what the setting. Doing so effectively will help drive attendance up, which only adds value.

Using social media to tout your event and acquaint your audience is one of the most efficient, effective and interactive strategies to create buzz. Create pages for your event on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Don’t just stick to the mundane details like date and time — though it’s in your best interest to list those as well. Post photographs of previous events or event preparation to engage your audience. Create custom hashtags and encourage your attendees and colleagues to use them as well. Try running a contest on your social pages where you give away a prize. It all works to build engagement, and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

If you want to take things a step further, create an electronic guest book. Have your attendees visit the page and upload a fun photograph and an entertaining note about themselves prior to the event. It’s a great way for people to express themselves and feel as though they are part of the community for your event.

When all is said and done, keep pushing the event through your social media outlets. Amplify and extend the buzz about your event. It’s another great time to run a contest — try having people upload an amusing photo from the event and run it with the best caption they can think of, for example. All said, generating excitement and engagement prior to and after your event adds value and often has as much of a lasting impact as the event itself. Don’t overlook this opportunity!

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