Savvy Planning Tips — Plant a Beautiful Idea

flowers1Without a doubt, it’s important to seek value when planning an event. This doesn’t mean you can cut corners, but you can make your resources go farther. In this installment of our Savvy Planning Tips, we’d like to plant an idea for your event décor: step up your use of plants and florals.

Utilize plants and floral arrangements in your event décor, as they can be repurposed throughout your event to create unique scenery and a beautiful aesthetic. Start by creating some fantastic evening floral arrangements to help provide a fresh, vibrant feel. When your evening programming winds down, gather the arrangements so you can recycle them. With just some slight alterations to the existing displays, you can spice up and beautify your breakfast and lunch settings for no extra cost.

As an added bonus, you can use plants for décor at various locations throughout your event, after which they can be given away as gratuities for attendees. People will appreciate the thoughtful gesture, and you’ll reduce your overall waste.

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