Stories from the field: Always go the extra step — even if it’s into a dumpster


We’ve been out there planning and executing meetings in the field for years. Spend as much time as we do out there, and you are bound to have some close calls. If you are still around in this business, it’s because you know how to respond to these instances and make things happen under pressure. Whether it’s picking up the slack for a vendor who dropped the ball or going above and beyond to ensure a client gets exactly what they want, we’ve seen it all.

This iteration’s experience: Go the Extra Step, even if it leads to a dumpster.

You’ve probably heard a bit about dumpster diving. Its more recent practitioners include young, privileged, educated, urban-dwelling adults who attempt to reject commercialism in a post-Macklemorian, Thrift Shop Age. But before it’s modern induction into the hipster zeitgeist, it was typically done in response to pressing need. This is precisely how we ended up neck deep in diverse, stinking trash.

Sure, everyone says they go the extra mile, but we’ve seen where a lot of people reach a line they don’t cross. At this point, I’m not sure we even see lines anymore. On site at an event we planned, one of our clients was presenting some custom, one-off promotional materials to some potential investors. The only trouble was our client inadvertently left the items in the hotel when they checked out. No problem, we just headed back to the hotel to get them.

Well, more trouble found us soon. Housed in an inconspicuously humble brown paper bag, the items were regarded as trash by the hotel staff and summarily disposed of. Without hesitation, we had only one option left in our minds. “Roll up the sleeves, it’s time to get dirty,” was our rallying cry. Several of our esteemed team members took the plunge into the cavernous dumpster in the bowels of the hotel. After more rummaging that any of us would like to remember, we secured the bag and got it in the hands of our clients before the investors ever realized something had gone awry.

Do whatever it takes to get the job done. Normally, being caught up to the gills in refuse isn’t a proud moment. But in this instance, it was one of our proudest.

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