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Stories from the Field: Always Preview Your Venue

triumph-350We’ve been out there planning and executing meetings in the field for years. Spend as much time as we do out there, and you are bound to have some close calls. If you are still around in this business, it’s because you know how to respond to these instances and make things happen under pressure. Whether it’s picking up the slack for a vendor who dropped the ball or going above and beyond to ensure a client gets exactly what they want, we’ve seen it all.

We’ll provide some anecdotes on some of the more unique experiences we’ve had, and we hope you’ll share some of your as well. Hopefully we can all learn a lesson from these experiences and be better prepared to deal with whatever may face us in the future.

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Time is Money

It’s certainly a cliché, and it is often talked about ad nauseam, but time is the most valuable resource there is. Whether you’re a professional planner who has 100 events on your plate or you’re an executive assistant charged with planning a single event, time spent organizing the fine details of an event is time not spent doing the myriad other tasks you are charged with.

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Eliminate lost opportunity costs.

At what point is mediocre service no longer sufficient? Is it when ten percent of guests are unsatisfied? Five percent? Two percent? In a high stakes, high-touch setting, it’s likely that any number of unsatisfied people is too many. It reflects poorly on everybody involved, and often even slight dissatisfaction among attendees can derail the main objectives of your event.

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