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Savvy Planning Tips – Cutting costs without losing that high-touch feel — Catering

signature cocktailWithout a doubt it’s important to seek value when planning an event. This doesn’t mean you can cut corners, but it’s about making your resources go further. This instalment of our Savvy Planning Tips is concerned with avoiding frivolous spending on your catering costs without losing a distinctly high-touch feel. We’d love to hear some brilliant insight from you on saving while still splurging on ambiance, so let us know what you think.

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Fall Destination Ideas

NZ Wine CountryOh, the offseason. It’s an overlooked time of the year, but only for the uninitiated. The reality is autumn provides both incredible value and a remarkable aesthetic for many places. Why fight high demands and inflated costs for a location that is quite plausibly more pleasant in the fall, which happens to coincide with reduced demand and costs. The summer travel rush may be over, but that just means more opportunity for you.

That said, here are a few of our fall destination tips. Feel free to chime in with any of your own.

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Stories from the Field: Always Preview Your Venue

triumph-350We’ve been out there planning and executing meetings in the field for years. Spend as much time as we do out there, and you are bound to have some close calls. If you are still around in this business, it’s because you know how to respond to these instances and make things happen under pressure. Whether it’s picking up the slack for a vendor who dropped the ball or going above and beyond to ensure a client gets exactly what they want, we’ve seen it all.

We’ll provide some anecdotes on some of the more unique experiences we’ve had, and we hope you’ll share some of your as well. Hopefully we can all learn a lesson from these experiences and be better prepared to deal with whatever may face us in the future.

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Negotiate better value for meetings and incentives.

When was the last time you bought something out of the classified ads without negotiating? How about a car? Truth of the matter is you probably wouldn’t. In those circumstances it doesn’t make much sense to simply pay whatever arbitrary rate was being offered. So when it comes to planning group travel, meetings or incentive programs, why would you simply accept the rate being offered without investigating what kind of value you were getting?

If you aren’t negotiating, you are being taken advantage of. It’s a rough truth, but it happens to planners every day. Everything is negotiable; just ask the right questions and put some thought and effort into getting more from your investment.

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Under the Radar Early Spring Destinations

The mid-to-late spring is an underrated time to travel. The Spring Break Rush is over, and the summer travelling masses haven’t packed their bags yet. With that in mind, there is some serious value to be had when traveling to many places, and the peaceful solitude that comes with not sharing your trip with every other group on the planet is not to be ignored.

Here are a few picks for amazing pre-summer destinations that also pack some serious savings. Whether you are planning an enormous corporate meeting, a company incentive reward, or you are simply looking for a great place to escape from everyday responsibilities for a while, these places are sure to be a hit.

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