Under the Radar Early Spring Destinations

The mid-to-late spring is an underrated time to travel. The Spring Break Rush is over, and the summer travelling masses haven’t packed their bags yet. With that in mind, there is some serious value to be had when traveling to many places, and the peaceful solitude that comes with not sharing your trip with every other group on the planet is not to be ignored.

Here are a few picks for amazing pre-summer destinations that also pack some serious savings. Whether you are planning an enormous corporate meeting, a company incentive reward, or you are simply looking for a great place to escape from everyday responsibilities for a while, these places are sure to be a hit.

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Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale is a hidden gem in the heart of Arizona’s desert. It’s a perfect warm weather destination that’s free from the often-crowded landscapes typical to beachside getaways. Scottsdale has activities to suit any taste from world-class golf courses to exciting ATV adventures. Southwest Airlines provides extremely affordable direct flights, so getting large groups to Scottsdale is a snap. An extended event or vacation also allows visitors to visit Los Angeles, which is only a 90-minute car ride away.

The Usual Suspect: Hawaii.

While there may not be a true ‘off season’ in a place as popular as Hawaii, springtime does see a serious downtick in visitor numbers. Combined with some more moderate weather that won’t shock unaccustomed visitors and reduced prices for the more luxurious accommodations, there isn’t a better time to host an event on the venerable islands and receive maximum value while doing so.

Provence, France

Speaking of your dollars going further, now is a great time to visit Southern France. Renowned for its Villas, Provence has historically been a pricey destination, but with a weakened Euro and off-season rates, there is no time like this spring to see what makes this place legendary. During the spring, visitors can take advantage of lodging rates on some of the most spectacular villas for around half the price they go for during peak season.

Suffice it to say, late spring is the forgotten time to travel. Take advantage of great weather and even better deals on transportation and lodging. The lack of crowds means whatever destination experience you seek is available and affordable, so plan your event soon.

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